While trying to understand contemporary society through the built environment, I became interested in the physical shadow of what Rosalind Krauss calls 'the Grid' (that 'turns its back on nature'). The project 'Engineering Hope' is an exploration of expressions given to imaginations with an abstract point of reference: the model. My project investigates the seductive quality of the model in urban planning, the limits of the model as tool and the actual neighborhoods that became a physical version of its original simplified and functional point of reference.

I designed an impossible building of which the building-parts are made of plaster. Situated in a wooden frame, these parts fall apart if one would attempt to remove them in order to built the model; one can only imagine the model, like utopia. Now, before ever built, the model is already decaying in its frame.

Moments in which the reality does or doesn't match the previously imagined, are both source and the condition of the work itself. As painter and sculptor, I deal with expressions of longing. With melancholic meditations on the futility of private and collective utopias, I reflect upon lost dreams, motives and beliefs that define the ruins of our endless cityscapes.